Opportunities for our members

Here is an overview of the present openings on startup boards. If any of these align with your skills, feel free to reach out to us.

Looking for co-founder

Expertise in B2C product development and management, supported by a substantial marketing expertise.

Expert in business development in new markets (UK & NL)

Skilled in introducing products in the UK and NL markets, establishing valuable contacts with senior executives like HR, CFO, and CEO in large companies with over 250 employees.

Medical B2B sales advisor, US

Expertise in HealthTech product sales, particularly medical equipment and software, with an extensive network including equipment manufacturers, universities, hospitals, and insurers.

International marketplace expert, Europe

Experience with a world-class marketplace product with deep expertise in the fashion industry, adept at overseeing significant and rapid company expansions.

Business strategy and marketing advisor

Proficient in launching products in the European market and devising strategic marketing plans for marketplace products.

Partnership and sales expert, Europe

Demonstrated proficiency in sales within the restaurant and hospitality sectors, maintained strong network across restaurants, event venues, and related suppliers like cash register providers.

Manufacture operations advisor

Proven proficiency in transitioning assembly lines from external partners to in-house facilities, ensuring robust supply chain management, and successfully establishing and leading an in-house assembly line team from inception to achievement.

Business strategy and marketing advisor

Demonstrated expertise in successfully launching products in the US market coupled with a proven track record of collaborating with HealthTech products.

Distribution network and B2B sales advisor

Expertise in diminishing direct sales while enhancing sales via partnerships, along with adeptness in formulating a sustainable strategy for product distribution through B2B sales channels. Demonstrated experience in expanding a product's network of B2B sales partners.

Public procurement advisor

Demonstrated expertise in navigating public procurement processes within Europe, particularly in Germany, including adeptness in preparing requisite documents, sourcing public procurement information, and managing associated deadlines.

Partnerships and B2B sales advisor

Demonstrated connections or expertise in forging partnerships with automotive manufacturing giants like BMW and Volkswagen. Extensive experience in B2B sales targeting authorized dealerships across Europe, particularly in Germany.

Partnerships and Pharma B2B sales advisor

Proven track record in pharmaceutical market sales complemented by established connections or experience in cultivating partnerships within the professional sports industry.