Find your next board member

If you're seeking support in finding and selecting your next corporate or advisory board member, we are here to help with a skilled recruitment process for a success fee.

The benefits of having a board

Expertise and guidance

Board members can bring specific expertise and industry knowledge relevant to the startup's focus. They can offer strategic guidance and insights, helping the startup refine its business strategy, identify market opportunities, and navigate industry trends.

Network expansion

Members often have extensive networks that startups can leverage. These networks can be valuable for business development, partnerships, and introductions to potential clients, investors, or other key stakeholders.

Innovation and creativity

Board members can bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the table. Their external viewpoint can challenge the status quo and inspire creative solutions to problems or opportunities that the startup may face.

Mentorship for founders

Members can serve as mentors to the founders and key executives, offering guidance based on their own experiences. This mentorship can be valuable for personal and professional development.

Market validation

The involvement of respected individuals in the board can provide market validation for the startup. This external endorsement can boost the startup's credibility and attractiveness to potential partners, customers, and investors.

Focus on specific goals

A board can be assembled to address specific needs or goals of the startup, such as entering new markets, developing a specific product, or scaling operations. This targeted approach ensures that the advice provided is directly aligned with the company's objectives.


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First meeting

When we receive your application and if you are considered as a candidate, we reach out to you to schedule a first meeting. The goal of this meeting is to establish mutual trust and agree on the process, timeline and a success fee.

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Approved profile

After discussing your needs and expectations, we develop a profile that is then approved by you. The approved profile is shared with our network members, who then apply for the position. These applications are forwarded to us.

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Selection and interviews

We organize and compile the applications, sending them to you. We also assist in the selection process for interviews. Selected candidates are interviewed. Typically interviews are conducted by you, with potential assistance from us.

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Decision and follow-up

You select a board member, often after consulting with us. Afterwards, we conduct a follow-up and evaluation of the entire process in collaboration with you.

Success fee

This EUR 1500 + VAT placement fee for each board member helps offset some of our expenses related to the recruitment process. Based on our expertise, allowing us to support you in both the search and selection of board members offers the most effective approach. By involving us in the process, we commit to guiding, advising, and ensuring a transparent and professional selection of your board members.