Board member placement process for founders

From idea to a fully operational board.

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Schedule a personal session with our matchmaker to help you prepare for the presentation and answer all your questions. Or read our resources below:

SHORT Board member candidate checklist.pdf

EXTENSIVE Board-ready startup handbook.pdf

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Event and networking

Participate in an exciting event where you will pitch your startup. Dedicate 50% of your presentation to your business and 50% to your advisory board or individual advisors.

After the pitches, there will be ample time for networking, offering a great opportunity to meet potential advisors, share more details about your needs, and discuss your future plans.

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After the event

NGL will actively seek out and identify potential advisors for your startup.

Within approximately one week, NGL will provide information on potential candidates for advisory roles, including a brief description of each candidate.

You will receive direct messages from potential candidates, either those you met at the event or those who attended online. Please inform NGL about these connections, as we are collecting this data and also help facilitate the best agreements for both parties in the future.

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First interview

This interview is primarily focused on building mutual understanding. This is an opportunity to discuss your needs, challenges, expected time commitment, KPIs, and types of remuneration such as salary or options. During this conversation, gather information about the candidate's experience, their knowledge of your startup's field, their remuneration expectations, and how much time they can commit to the role.

After the first discussion if you find a potential match, agree to proceed with a second interview. If not, kindly inform them of the decision.

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Second interview

In the second interview, explore specific ways of involvement and clarify expectations for the role. Discuss the details of the future contract, including time commitment, contract duration, remuneration, and any other relevant terms. This conversation aims to ensure alignment and mutual understanding before moving forward with formal agreements.

If there is alignment and a mutual understanding of the contract details, it's time to make a decision: is this person the right candidate for the advisory role? Keep in mind, there is typically a 3-month cliff period. This ensures that if communication issues arise early on, there is a window to terminate the contract accordingly.

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Signing the contract

NGL facilitates reaching a final mutual agreement and prepares the contract.

If requested, NGL can guide the initial strategy session between the startup and the advisory board, ensuring a productive and collaborative start to their partnership. Additional costs apply.