Startup Board Course

We have crafted a specialised training for individuals aiming to become better at startup boards and advisory. This program is for investors, entrepreneurs, board members of NGOs, C-level executives, and anyone who wants to become a better startup board member and advisor.

The program emphasises theories and tools designed to enhance effective board governance. Grounded in the deep understanding of the board's critical functions, prevalent issues, and common dilemmas in startups, our course prepares participants for board and advisory roles in startups. The program is concluded with a full-day strategic board session with a real startup and a dinner in Vilnius.

Some of the topics that will be covered

  • Different types of startup boards
  • Roles & responsibilities of board members
  • Compensation types and levels
  • Legal aspects and agreements
  • Board composition, competences, dynamics
  • Board meeting and crisis management
  • Financial reporting and decisions
  • Startup strategic planning

Full-day strategic board session

On the 4th session we will organize a full-day strategic board session with a real startup and a board session moderator. The goal is to form a startup board for one day and, together with the startup’s founders, identify the main challenges, set KPIs, and form a strategy. Startup overview will be sent in advance.

Our interactive sessions are led by seasoned board members, business angels and advisors, employing a wealth of case studies based on our experiences.

If you would like to participate in this course or have any questions, fill in the form below or reach out to Justinas Pašys.

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