Become a startup board member

We are a network designed for startup board members and aspiring candidates aiming to advance in their careers. If you're thinking about stepping into corporate or advisory board member roles, let us assist you in your growth.

Our community benefits


We host regular internal events where our partner startups present corporate and advisory board member opportunities.


This network is a resource where you can seek advice and engage with other members.

Board positions

As an intermediary for startup board member positions, we give you the chance to be considered for these roles.

Financial benefits

If you are selected as a board member, you have a possibility to receive financial benefits such as 0.25-0.5% startup stock options.

Personal branding

Our network membership comes with additional benefits of profiling yourself as a startup board member effectively.

Collaborative partners

We collaborate with several organizations, offering our network members opportunities to participate in their events.


/ 01


When you apply via our online form, we determine whether to decline or proceed with your application.

/ 02


An interview is conducted, either in person or online. The interviewer nominates the applicant for acceptance or rejection.

/ 03


If an application is successful, a welcome package is emailed to the applicant. The individual registered is then onboarded to our network.

Membership fee

Becoming a member comes at a yearly cost of EUR 1200 + VAT. Your membership remains active for a year. Rest assured, once you're a member, we're fully dedicated to nurturing and enhancing your abilities to become a startup board member.

If you decide to end your membership, we're genuinely sorry to see you go. Simply send a cancellation request via email before the last month of your membership year. We hope you'll continue your successful journey as a board member.

Frequently asked questions


What criteria do we use to evaluate potential members?

We assess potential members based on a set of criteria that include both professional and personal skills.


What are the professional skills considered?

The evaluation takes into account an individual's professional skills such as experience in board work, management, business development, strategy development and implementation, negotiation, international exposure, financial expertise and risk management.


How are personal skills assessed?

Personal skills are evaluated based on an individual's personal characteristics, ethical attitudes, attitudes towards effective board work, availability for board and involvement, financial independence and relevant business-oriented networks.


Are specific management experiences a factor in evaluation?

Yes, management experience and competence breadth are key factors considered when assessing potential members.


Is international experience valued in the evaluation process?

Yes, having international experience is one of the criteria considered in evaluating potential members.


How do we assess an individual's commitment level?

We evaluate an individual's commitment level based on their availability and sufficient time for active involvement in a board.


Are network connections important for membership consideration?

Yes, relevant business and management-oriented networks are among the criteria assessed when evaluating potential members.